The Leachman Consultancy Limited

The Leachman Consultancy Limited

Junior Leachman, Security Consultant, email:, 07572396052.

Junior Leachman is a  Physical and CCTV Security Consultant with over twenty year in local and International security. 

Mr. Leachman has  worked in various roles such   as a company director, frontline security officer, Customer service, independent investigator, conciegre, mystery shopper, independent tutor, door supervisor, Paralegal Lawyer and recruitment consultant.

Mr. Junior Leachman is also a data protection officer/data controller. He also holds two international security license with certifications.

Mr. Leachman can be contacted on the below:

phone : 07572396052. UK. or 1(876)571-5042 JA. Wattsapp 1(876)571-5042